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In France, The on-line sales become commonplace

In France, The on-line sales become commonplace

In the first quarter of this year, 2017, in France:

  • 36 millions of French people made at least a purchase on the Internet (that is 1 millions / previous year)
  • 13 % increasing purchase rate: 13 %
  • Every Internet user realized on average 9 transactions(deals) (that is +  2 /  previous year)
  • They spent 650 €
  • The average basket is decreasing by 5 %, it gets closer gradually to the average basket in store.

It can be inferred that the market of Internet aims towards an everyday acceptance, that it is a part of the everyday life(daily paper). On the other hand, we notice a sharp increase of + 30 % on the purchase via the mobile readers. In 5 years, the purchase on these readers increased tenfold, today it represent 27 percentage of sales.

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