Any consultation of the pages of, takes the acceptance, by the user, the terms of the present conditions. We draw the attention to the fact that among the proposed services, certain have specific conditions of use which come to complete the present conditions.

Article 1 – object of the site
The Site has for vocation to supply general information on the structures (association, community, company, shop, auto-company) with the canton of The Coast Saint André.

All the information contained on the Site does not establish in no way, a bid or of sale, except opposite mention.

Article 2 – Registration Newsletter suggests to the users adhering to the newsletter quiounews. Every user wishing to adhere has to acquaint with present conditions of use and to accept the terms. By clicking on the checkbox “I acquainted with conditions of use and I accept” them, the user recognizes to adhere at the end of the present conditions of use, to conform to it and to accept the terms.

This newsletter allows:

  • to consult the news entered the site;
  • to being able to benefit from special offers;
  • to being able to have access to certain services of only booked for the subscribers
  • to participate in promotional games    

Article 3 – Responsibility

Entre 2 Lignes, the publishing company of could not be held responsible for direct and indirect damage, which could result from the access or from the use of the web site or from the information appearing there whatever is the nature.Entre 2 Lignes decline any responsibility concerning the opportunity of the decisions and the modalities(methods) of his(her,its) execution taken by the users on the only faith of the information published on the Site.

Entre 2 Lignes disclaims all liability in case of damage undergone by the user notably because of the loss, the deterioration or the change of files, the transmission of virus which could infect its computing equipment or any other good(property) on the occasion of the connection and/or of the consultation and/or of the use of the Site.

The user recognizes that data transmissions on the Internet network are of a relative technical reliability and that the data are not protected themselves against possible misappropriations. In these conditions, the communication of passwords or any other confidential datum, and more generally, any information with sensitive character is made by the user under its full responsibility.

It is up to the user to take all the measures suited so as to protect its data as well as its equipment, of the contamination by viruses as attempts of intrusion in its computer system by thirds via the services of the Site.

The user admits that his equipment is connected to the Internet network under its full responsibility and that as a consequence Entre 2 Lignes is responsible not at all for any damage being able to arise during its connection.

As a consequence, in perfect knowledge of what precedes, the user gives up engaging the responsibility of Entre 2 Lignes concerning one or several of the facts or the above-mentioned events.

Article 4 – Guaranteed

The user guaranteesEntre 2 Lignes as well as all the structures and people implied in the creation, production and distribution of the Site, against any demand, responsibility, expenses and expenses resulting from the violation of the present conditions or in connection with the use(custom) of the Site.

Article 5 – Updated

Entre 2 Lignes and the structures announcers make reasonable efforts to propose on his(her,its) Site of the information up to date. All the information notified to the people reaching the Site was selected in a determined date.

They can require an update which was able not to intervene in the date of their consultation for technical motives or not, or to be the object of a change.Entre 2 Lignes could not be held responsible for any error or omission.

Article 6 – Hypertext links

The Site proposes links towards other sites. The sites to which these hypertext links send back are, unless otherwise mentioned, independent from the Site and ofEntre 2 Lignes. The latter could not be held responsible in no way for the contents of these sites, for damage which could result from the connection to these sites, from information appearing there, the transactions which can be realized, the publisher of the site assuming only these responsibilities.

Any hypertext link, of whatever nature, allowing to reach the Site or in any of its pages or its elements, requires a prior and written authorization ofEntre 2 Lignes.

Article 7 – Shares on the social networks

The Site proposes features allowing to share, on the contained social, certain networks. The user makes a commitment on this occasion, not to divert the sense of the contents nor to strike a blow just like and ofEntre 2 Lignesand announcers. In any case, this division is made under the full responsibility of the user.

Article 8 – Content publication

The structure announcer is solely responsible for the contents which she puts online on the, as well as the texts and\or the opinions which she formulates. She committed in particular these data not to be likely to strike a blow at the justifiable interests of third whatever they are.

Article 9 – personal Data processing

The Site contains diverse forms of collections of personal data. Each of these forms indicates the person in charge of the treatment, the purposes for which the aforementioned data are handled and the addressees.

For lack of piece of information of fields identified in the form as being compulsory, the request cannot be handled.

The person whose personal data were collared benefits from an access right and from a rectification in the conditions planned by the law n°78-17 of January 6th, 1978 concerning the computing, concerning the files and concerning the liberties. The form indicates expressly with whom the access right and of rectification can be exercised. This person can also, for justifiable motives, oppose the data processing concerning her.

The implemented personal data processings were the object of formalities required with the Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés. You can exercise these rights by electronic way with her “Entre 2 Lignes – QuiOù service – 5, Bis place Saint André 38260 La Côte Saint -André”

Article 10 – Intellectual property

This Site in particular all the visual elements, as well as the presentation and the contents of all the articles and more generally any information appearing on the Site is the exclusive property of Entre 2 Lignes or of third with whom the latter reached agreements by allowing the distribution. The user has not the right to reproduce them, to spread them or more generally of the right to exploit them by any means whatsoever except the express preliminary consent of Entre 2 Lignes.

Article 11 – Access to the Site

Entre 2 Lignes reserves the right to modify, to suspend, to restrict or to interrupt the access to all or part of the Site, including in particular the contents, the features or the hours of availability, and it without advance notice.

Article 12 – Modification of the present conditions

The present conditions may evolve at any time. The applicable version is the one current in the day of the consultation of the Site.