Article 1 – Object of the mission

The agency ENTRE 2 LIGNES proposes a service of advertising insertion in the online directory: for the professional STRUCTURES (association, community, company, auto-company) of the canton of The Coast Saint André.

Article 2 – terms of sale

ENTRE 2 LIGNES developed a web site directory of STRUCTURE of the canton which proposes to the Internet users:

  • To consult the index cards of structures
  • to make requests (municipalities, category, cartographic, full house text)
  • to find index cards
  • to subscribe and to receive newsletters presenting the structures, the events, the good plans
  • to participate in specific commercial actions
  • to consult the good plans ENTRE 2 LIGNES proposes in the STRUCTURES a service of advertising insertion via the subscription of annual and contractual packs of visibility in


Article 3 – Price lists and terms of payment

From the moment the STRUCTURE validates its order by means of the online form of announcer’s order:

ADD YOUR STRUCTURE and that she chooses the annual pack or price lists are explicitly indicated, he is considered as having accepted with full knowledge of the facts and without valuable reserve, the registration in the directory The order is actual after validation and sending of an e-mail of confirmation for a period 12-month-old contract employee.

The regulation of the service will be made in single time/pack on invoice in the validation of the delivery.


Article 4 – Delivery of the service

The delivery of the service, worth knowing creation of the index card directory, comes true in the validation of 2 Copies to press (index card in French and English language) by the STRUCTURE.

Knowing that the events and the advertisements are sold by pack in advance, they do not make parties of the delivred. Every time, they are the object of a validation by double (French/English) PACK SADDLE.

Any Copy to press not turned within a week or turned not validated (e-mail or paper) by the STRUCTURE will be considered accepted by this one.


Article 5 – responsibility of the STRUCTURE

From a private and secure space, the STRUCTURE is responsible and manages its own index form and its announcements of events and all the developed information (text, image).

In the respect for the charter of use defined below, she develops her index form.

This index card must be classified in various categories and subcategories.

The quantity of information is not limited (text, nb of images).

The images do not have to exceed 2 000 pixels ( px ) in width and 1 500 px of height. Videos must be put down at first on a third web site (YouTube, vimeo, etc.) to register only its link in the index formof

Except for the express demand of the structure, ENTRE 2 LIGNES develop the translation of the index form and the event in its multilingual version. Responsible for the STRUCURE to validate this translation (PACK SADDLE).

In the hypothesis where, from the insertion alignment  on-line services, or from the Site, it is possible to reach another service, in particular by means of hypertext links, the STRUCTURE commits to the fact that this service has a direct link with its insertion and guarantees ENTRE 2 LIGNES of any condemnation or other consequences which could result from the action of a third because of this connection (in particular the conformity with the law and order and with the good customs).

The hypertext link installed behind the Advertising has to redirect towards a page of the Site of the STRUCTURE.

The STRUCTURE is only responsible for telephone numbers, titles, entitled by classification, texts, fixed or livened up images, sounds, marks and, more generally, of the complete contents of its advertising insertion or by the Site, and this whatever is its broadcasting mode. He declares expressly that he has right necessities of literary and artistic property, industrial property brands), drawings, models) and if necessary rights just like the human person, on any element appearing in the insertion or in the Site (and where necessary, whose download he accepts by the Internet users since the Site), and that this one is in keeping with any legal, administrative or ethical rule concerning its profession, its sector, its services or produced which he markets. Consequently, STRUCTURES him guarantees ENTRE 2 LIGNES of any condemnation or other consequences which could result from the action of a third.

The STRUCTURE warned of the fact that its advertising insertion / the on-line Site on the Internet, is available for consultation by every person of any age, nationality, race, sex or confession, and that ENTRE 2 LIGNES exercises no control over the consultations, will refrain from any assertion which can strike the sensibility of these people and guarantees ENTRE 2 LIGNES of any condemnation or other consequences, which could result from this fact of the action of a third.

The STRUCTURE makes a commitment to check copies to press and/or detail of the advertising insertions, or the Site which is sent to him, in the conditions planned in the article 4. As a consequence, the STRUCTURE cannot involve the responsibility of ENTRE 2 LIGNES in case he would have omitted to indicate him an error or an omission appearing on copies to press and/or detail of the advertising insertions or the Site for the indicated deadlines planned in the article 4.

Space out Good Plans: the STRUCTURE is responsible for special offers and for pictures whom he proposes, ENTRE 2 LIGNES providing him with only a technical tool of distribution. During all the duration of his command, he guarantees ENTRE 2 LIGNES of their accuracy, modalities of access and the validity of the latter as well as more generally the conformity of the offers with the whole applicable regulations, including that concerned to the third supports of distribution such as social networks, etc… Being able to be chosen by the STRUCTURE to relieve its good plan.

Article 6 – responsibility of ENTRE 2 LIGNES

ENTRE 2 LIGNES makes a commitment to publish on the advertising insertions signed by The STRUCTURE.

Any breach by ENTRE 2 LIGNES in the execution of one of its obligations opens straight ahead for The STRUCTURE to a compensation only in the case of a damage which will have to be demonstrated.

In case of implementation of the responsibility of ENTRE 2 LIGNES, this one will correct the error as soon as possible. The amount of the repair owed by ENTRE 2 LIGNES cannot exceed the price of the concerned advertising insertion.

The Internet users can normally reach the services on the Internet of, 24/24h, 7/7j, and it all year long without it is an obligation on behalf ofENTRE 2 LIGNES.

ENTRE 2 LIGNES reserves the right, without advance notice, to suspend temporarily the access from all or part of these services on the Internet for technical reasons bound in particular to the necessity of updating the services, of modifying them, of assuring the maintenance, and, in a general way, for any other technical and organizational cause.

Accordingly, the responsibility of ENTRE 2 LIGNES can be neither looked for nor reserved in particular in case of temporary or total unavailability of all or part from the access to these services on the Internet, in case of a difficulty bound in the time of answer, and generally speaking, in the time of a defect of any performance.

ENTRE 2 LIGNES disclaim all liability as for the defects or the errors which could result from the use of documents put back by the structure that these were or not modified byENTRE 2 LIGNES, unless the defects or the errors in question result from such a modification.

As technical intermediary,ENTRE 2 LIGNES guarantees that the alignment on the Internet network is made at any time during the 1st month by the validation of the PACK SADDLE by the structure.

The Site is accommodated by the third company OVH. This host supplies the computer hardware, the bandwidth, the safety equipments, the software necessary for the accommodation of the Site; he makes a commitment to bring all the care and the diligence necessary for the supply of a quality service in accordance with custom of the profession and for the state of the art. The host assures the continuity of its service 24 hours a day and every day of the year; he saves itself nevertheless the possibility of interrupting his service for the shortest possible durations to improve the functioning of the platform or mitigate certain imperfections; these interruptions will not exceed a duration of 5 hours, except case of force majeure. ENTRE 2 LIGNES will do what’s necessary with the host so that the alignment on the internet network of so accommodated is made in optimal conditions, but can incur no responsibility because of exceptional interruptions of this center. If nevertheless the interruption had to exceed 1 day,ENTRE 2 LIGNES would try hard to set up an acceptable substitution solution. ENTRE 2 LIGNES and the host cannot be held responsible in case of dysfunction or in case of interruption of the internet or phone network making impossible the access to the Site.

The STRUCTURE recognizes the limits of this type of function and agrees to use him without any guarantee on behalf of PagesJaunes as for the supplied results.

Article 7 – Renewal of the service

At the end of 12 months of the contract, and except termination of the STRUCTURE or ENTRE 2 LIGNES intervened at the latest one (1) month before his term by registered letter with recorded delivery (dispatch date of the being valid Post office), the order will tacitly be seen out for 12 months.

All the guarantees signed in conformance with the present Contract are spread in x) contract (s) tacitly seen out (s). All the clauses planned within the present Contract remain unchanged within the framework of contract (s) tacitly seen out.

Article 8 – Suspension and termination

ENTRE 2 LIGNES reserves the right to refuse, to interrupt, to cancel, to amend and/or to cancel by rights, immediately, without formality and without right for compensation, the present Contract, in case of failure to respect by the STRUCTURE of the terms of payment or so quite or left the advertising insertion, the hypertext link or the Site, turned out to be not corresponding:

  • The commercial address has to be on the canton of LA Côte Saint-André;
  • Professionals’ status (association, community, company, auto-company);
  • The structure does not exercise in the same competitive sector of the activity of the publishing Agency ENTRE 2 LIGNES;
  • In the applicable laws and regulations, in particular in the good customs, in the law and order;
  • In the applicable regulations regarding advertising, in the rules of publication in directories and in the recommendations of the Authority of professional
  • Regulation of the Advertising, they must be clear, loyal, sincere, precise, and not soiled by errors or by omission with misleading and/or deceitful character;
  • In the conditions of the present Contract;
  • In the applicable regulations by ENTRE 2 LIGNES or his editorial line; and it without prejudice to any damage interests which ENTRE 2 LIGNES could claim.
  • The distribution of the Advertising, the Site or the hypertext link by ENTRE 2 LIGNES could not overestimate not at all their conformity with the capacities of the Contract, and could not engage its responsibility.
This cancellation will create for the benefit of the structure no right for compensation and will not exempt the structure of the payment of the sums possibly due.
Article 9 – Evolution of price lists

ENTRE 2 LIGNES can modify at any time his  price lists and the present general conditions according to the evolution of its offer. The STRUCTURE will be informed about it by e-mail and can denounce the Contract by registered letter with recorded delivery to the address “ENTRE 2 LIGNES – QuiOù service – 5, place Saint André 38260 La Côte Saint- André ” within (1) month following reception of this e-mail.

Article 10 – Advertising

It was advisable that products, object of the present command, can be reproduced by ENTRE 2 LIGNES for advertising purposes and of communication any document and on any communication medium.

Article 11 – Rights of access and of rectification to data files

Your personal data collected for the management of your commands are managed by and only ENTRE 2 LIGNES. According to data protection acts of January 6th, 1978, you have rights of access, rectification and abolition in the personal data concerning you. You can exercise these rights by electronic way with her ” ENTRE 2 LIGNES -QuiOù service – 5, place Saint André 38260 La Côte Saint- André “

Article 12 – particular Conditions

Internet is a public electronic communication network with international character. Any representing site can be downloaded there then used by any computer in the world. The STRUCTURE could not hold ENTRE 2 LIGNES for person in charge of an abuse of this type.


Article 13 – Disputes – Choice of residence

Any dispute concerning the interpretation and concerning the execution of the present general terms of sale is subjected to the French law. For lack of amicable resolution. The commercial court of  Vienne will be only competent for any dispute concerning the interpretation and concerning the execution of a contract and its consequences, except in case of other exclusive competence.